Wayne County C-PACE

Wayne County passed a resolution to adopt C-PACE in September 2019. County commissioners Brian Smith, Wendell Kay, and Joseph Adams have taken this groundbreaking, bipartisan action in order to provide as many options as possible for local nonprofits, businesses, and farms to finance energy efficiency, renewable energy, and water efficiency projects. They also recognized the program’s potential as an opportunity to invest in the health and longevity of the county. Passing this resolution was made possible thanks to the County Commissioners and local banks. Upon approving the resolution, Wayne County also named Sustainable Energy Fund as the Program Administrator, thus joining several other counties who work under the original PA Program Guidelines.

Through the C-PACE program, Wayne County commercial businesses, agriculture interests, and nonprofits can finance clean energy and water efficiency projects with long-term and low-cost financing. To learn more about the program and what projects are eligible for financing, please explore our website or review the documents below.

If you have a project and have specific questions, please contact Sustainable Energy Fund at (610) 264-4440 or via email at cpace@thesef.org.

For more information on Wayne County, visit www.waynecountypa.gov.



Program Booklet
Program Guidelines
Final Application
Wayne County Resolution
Press Release: Wayne County Adopts C-PACE