Bedford County passed a resolution to adopt C-PACE in June 2020. The Commissioners approved C-PACE to help local commercial, industrial, and agricultural property owners obtain low-cost, long-term financing for energy efficiency, renewable energy, and water conservation projects.

Through the C-PACE program, Bedford County commercial businesses, agriculture interests, and nonprofits can finance clean energy and water efficiency projects with long-term and low-cost financing. To learn more about the program and what projects are eligible for financing, please explore our website or review the documents below.

If you have a project and have specific questions, please contact Sustainable Energy Fund at (610) 264-4440 or email

To learn more about Bedford County, visit

The Bedford County C-PACE Program is now accepting applications.

Application Process

  • Develop project and arrange C-PACE financing
    (a list of possible capital providers is available here)
  • Submit Pre-Application
  • Submit Final Application
  • Sign C-PACE Statement of Levy and Lien Agreement
  • Close C-PACE Financing

Applicants are encouraged to read the Program Guidelines before beginning the application process and contact with any questions.

Bedford County C-PACE Resolution