How It Works

To use C-PACE, a Property Onwer must follow these steps: 

Step 1: Eligibility- C-PACE financing is currently available to commercial and industrial properties in C-PACE counties, including offices, retail, hospitality, warehouse, hospital, private schools, and multifamily housing (5+ units).

Non-Eligible- Residential housing and Government-owned building.

Step 2: Complete the Pre-application. The application portal can be found at each county page. 

Step 3: Develop Project- Property Owners develop the C-PACE project. Key project development steps include a eligible measures survey, negotiating a financing agreement from a C-PACE Capital Provider, and securing consent from all mortgage and lien holders.

Step 4: Submit Final Application will be reviewed within ten business days once all required documents are received.

Step 5: Execute Statement Levy & Lien- Once SEF approves the final application, the property owner, C-PACE capital provider, County, and SEF will execute the Statement Levy & Lien, recorded by the C-PACE Capital Provider.

Step 6: Closing Financing & Execute Project- Financing will close, and funds will be made available after the Statement Levy & Lien is recorded. Once the financing has been completed, the property owner will receive funds and move forward with project implementation.